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Source: IBEF

“L&T Technology Services Limited, a leading global engineering services firm, was recognised for its intelligent building experience management system, i-BEMSTM, with the Frost & Sullivan 2020 Global Customer Value Leadership Award.

Performance indicators, including significant operating performance, customer retention, customer experience, and growth potential, were evaluated for the 2020 award recipients.

I-BEMSTM, a revolutionary smart building platform that provides consumers with a single one-stop solution that brings with cutting-edge digital tools and applications to enable robust control, diagnostics, analytics, and critical building asset optimization, has been recognised by LTTS.

I-BEMSTM enables companies to build sustainable workplaces that are holistically prepared for the future with IoT features like smart parking, smart cafeteria, smart washrooms, and many more. The i-BEMSTM Shield module helps businesses to reduce COVID-19 spread through the implementation of features such as temperature and face detection, occupancy and air quality control, as well as mask detection and touch tracing in their campuses and indoor environments.

Frost & Sullivan lauded the deep foresight, vision, research & development context, and ability of LTTS to adapt to evolving market conditions in order to meet and surpass the needs of consumers and industry.

Mr. Amit Chadha, Deputy Chief Executive Officer & Whole-Time Director at L&T Technology Services, said, “In enabling a green & intelligent ecosystem and an atmosphere to drive excellent customer service and increase employee productivity, the position of wide education campuses, office facilities, and manufacturing plants is tremendous. In the smart campus space, LTTS has been at the core of pioneering cutting-edge technologies and developments that effectively address these objectives. This recognition of Frost & Sullivan’s pioneering smart building solution i-BEMSTM is a confirmation of our commitment to further progress in smart, stable and futuristic campuses.”

Mr. Anirudh Bhaskaran, Senior Industry Analyst, Frost & Sullivan, said, “Our mission at Frost & Sullivan is to provide a forum for the best of new age innovations and disruptive technologies. Developments in the building management system offer to help minimize risks due to global warming by incorporating a ‘smart’ element into the overall energy consumption of campuses. For its key solution i-BEMSTM and the introduction of i-BEMSTM Shield, Frost & Sullivan is pleased to recognise LTTS for its commitment to energy-efficient, net-zero and future-oriented office space.”

The research approach of Frost & Sullivan seeks to identify best-in-class goods, enterprises, and individuals in order to accelerate creativity and excellence. Based on independent research, the industry analysts of Frost & Sullivan assess market participants and evaluate output for best practises in the industry through interviews, reviews, and detailed secondary research.”