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Source: IBEF

“Niti Aayog Vice-Chairman, Mr. Rajiv Kumar said on Wednesday that the Indian economy is recovering from the pandemic-induced degrowth and GDP growth will reach positive territory in the fourth quarter of this fiscal year.

In an interview with PTI, Mr. Kumar also said that the latest agricultural reform laws of the Centre are aimed at raising farmers’ incomes, and the current conflict was the result of confusion and miscommunication that needs to be eliminated.

The figure for the second quarter of GDP (7.5% contraction) reflects that the economy is coming out of this pandemic-induced period of degrowth, and my hope is that we will achieve the same degree of economic activity in the third quarter as in the previous year.

He added, “And the fourth quarter will show a small but positive growth over the previous year, because many structural reforms have been introduced by the government in this period and some more reforms are in the pipeline.””