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“Source:- Livemint”
The Drone Federation of India (DFI) announced a tie-up on Monday with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to drive innovation in India’s drone ecosystem.

The not-for-profit, industry-led body will work with AWS as its preferred cloud service, providing drone manufacturers, application developers, and operators a scalable, agile, secure, and robust cloud infrastructure to develop drone applications and accelerate time-to-market in India.

“We are excited to collaborate with DFI, and serve as their cloud infrastructure provider to help shape the drone ecosystem in India,” said Rahul Sharma, president, India, and South Asia Public Sector, Amazon Internet Services Pvt. Ltd. “With the breadth and depth of AWS Cloud services across industry-leading compute, storage, database, IoT, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, drone developers and operators can now test new ideas quickly, and accelerate innovation in the application development that better serve citizens and impact society positively.”

Sharma added that the cloud service provider was trying to create this collaboration space where they will give DFI access to AWS’s technologies, provide them with mentorship and guidance, as well as give them credits for experimentation.

Additionally, the collaboration will identify use cases for drones in India across various application areas such as land survey, precision agriculture, disaster management, and search and rescue missions, and build custom cloud-based solutions for them.

AWS will also give DFI access to it its registry of open data, which means that drone manufacturers and startups can spend more time on data analysis rather than data acquisition.

Using AWS cloud services, DFI will also establish a drone innovation and operations hub in India to support drone-based innovation in the country. The hub will prototype and develop drone applications involving the drone ecosystem in India, comprising of startups, government bodies, and policy makers. The initiative will provide technical expertise in data collection, data processing, and Internet-of-Things (IoT) use cases, and help transform the way organizations collect, store and interpret drone data.

DFI and its partners will leverage AWS’s compute instances, storage services, and database services for drone applications.

“If we want to see food and medicine deliveries, autonomous aerial transportation, large scale business transformation in mining, roads, and disaster management, we will require the power of cloud computing and strong data-based workflows. We believe this collaboration will help enable stakeholders of the drone ecosystem build solutions for the future,”said Rahat Kulshreshtha, president, DFI.

According to Sharma, AWS has the broadest and the deepest set of capabilities that exists on the cloud today, anywhere and getting access to that technology makes the tech giant a preferred provider of choice.