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“Source:-  Economic Times”
NEW DELHI: Bharti Airtel has signed a multi-year Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to offer a comprehensive set of cloud solutions to large enterprise and small and medium enterprise (SME) customers in India.

Both companies will make joint investments to build the cloud expertise and train hundreds of employees to sell services to enterprises and SMEs, Harmeen Mehta, CIO & Head – Cloud and Security Business, Bharti Airtel said on Wednesday.

“300 people are already AWS certified and the next round of training is starting. There is a deep commitment and investment from both sides,” she added. “There are professional services for which training is happening for sales, technology and go to market.”

ET broke the story first in its August 5 edition.

Airtel said that it will co-create cloud solutions and services for various verticals and industries.

Airtel serves over 2,500 large enterprises and more than a million emerging businesses and companies with an integrated product portfolio, including Airtel Cloud, a multi-cloud product, and solutions business.

“For new customers, we at AWS has a large team and will be focusing on solving industry-specific problems. The intent is to give interesting experience in terms of go to market and experience,” Puneet Chandok, President, Commercial Business, India and South Asia, Amazon Internet Services Private Limited said.

Mehta said that India is seeing a lot of acceleration in terms of cloud adoption especially after the lockdown in the country.

“As we went to the lockdown situation, companies on cloud found it easy to keep operations running, which is one of the reasons why many organizations are thinking deeper than before how do they want to run businesses…cloud is biggest enabler…they are going to invest in this. There has never been a better time to rethink policies about this even though they are tighter on spend,” Mehta added.

Airtel Cloud will build an AWS Cloud Practice supported by AWS Professional Services, as well as develop differentiated Airtel Cloud products and capabilities leveraging AWS services, Airtel’s data center capabilities, and Airtel’s network and telecoms offerings.

Airtel has previously partnered with Google for its GSuite service and Microsoft for Azure. “We work with multiple partners to best serve the need of enterprises and SMEs. We do have a multi-partner environment for hybrid and multi-cloud use for customers,” Mehta said.

She added that SME is a big focus area for both the companies.

Airtel also said that it is focusing on ensuring security for its enterprise and retail customers. “It is an area where we are focusing on immensely since there is a big rise in phishing attacks on customers. While it is easier to manage this in the enterprise, but a lot of this is happening for our regular users who face these issues via SMS, personal email and even WhatsApp,” Mehta said.

Airtel will again start an awareness campaign for its customers in India regarding these phishing attacks.