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Japanese fast-fashion giant Uniqlo is launching a rollout plan for its entry into India in the fall.

Given the size and fast growth of the Indian market, Uniqlo will, in departure from its standard strategy, make its market debut with three separate locations. The first will be a three-level, 35,000-sq.-ft. store at Ambience Mall Vasant Kunj in New Delhi, which will open in late October. The second and third stores will be located at DLF Place Saket, also in New Delhi, and at DLF CyberHub, in the city of Gurugram.

“We are committed to the Indian market, and are very excited to be launching our first three stores in Delhi, a region that embraces diversity and culture, from art and design to craftmanship and fashion,” said Tadashi Yanai, founder and chairman, Uniqlo, and president & CEO of Fast Retailing. “The opening of our first store, Uniqlo Ambience Mall Vasant Kunj, followed by a second and third store a little later, represents a significant step in our company’s global strategy.”

In entering India, Uniqlo is looking to play catch-up with H&M and Zara, both of which entered India in the last decade. But the market is still largely driven by small mom-and-pop stores.

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