Urgent & Non Urgent Repairs

If you would like to report a maintenance item, please contact your Property Manager directly. Refer to the Team page for relevant contact details.

If your matter is urgent and outside of business hours, please continue reading. Remember to inform your Property Manager by email (including photos/video) as soon as possible.


Anything on this list is legally defined as an urgent repair:

  • burst water service
  • blocked or broken toilet system
  • serious roof leak
  • gas leak
  • dangerous electrical fault
  • flooding or serious flood damage
  • serious storm or fire damage
  • an essential service or appliance for hot water, water, cooking, heating, or laundering is not working
  • the gas, electricity or water supply is not working
  • a cooling appliance or service provided by the rental provider is not working
  • the property does not meet minimum standards
  • a safety-related device, such as a smoke alarm or pool fence, is not working
  • an appliance, fitting or fixture that is not working and causes a lot of water to be wasted
  • any fault or damage in the property that makes it unsafe or insecure, including pests, mould or damp caused by or related to the building structure
  • a serious fault in a lift or staircase (Most likely the Building Manager/Owners Corporation will need to contacted).

For any URGENT maintenance outside of business hours, on weekends or public holidays you may contact one of the tradespeople listed below once you have tried to contact your property manager.

Trade Company Phone Number
Plumber Pinnacle Plumbing 0419 019 993
Electrician Lighting Up Melbourne 0423 650 036
Handyman / Locksmith Lionheart Maintenance 0408 800 951

If our preferred tradespeople are not available you can “google” another local tradesperson to attend. (NOTE: Any tradesperson used that is not on the above list will bill you directly and you will need to seek reimbursement through your Property Manager).


For all other non-urgent maintenance issues – please notify your property manager via an email and they will respond during business hours.
Disclaimer: If the repair is not one of the above listed repairs it is not classified as urgent, therefore it will be attended to Monday – Friday. If you use a trade not specified on this list, and the repair is not urgent, you will be liable for the invoice.


We endeavour to attend to repairs as promptly as possible, however it is often necessary to obtain the Rental Providers approval and/or quotes before any work can commence.

Safety Switch Tripping: If you find your safety switch is being activated, ensure you unplug all appliances from the wall (including your fridge) and start to test each circuit to isolate the fault (all the switches in the switchboard will need to be in the up position). First start by turning the lights on one area at a time, then run the built in appliances. If the switch is not tripped at this point, then start plugging in your own appliances one by one and turn them on until one of them activates the safety switch. If it is one of your appliances tripping the power, you will need to replace it. If you find it is a light circuit or built in appliance tripping the safety switch, please report it to your Property Manager and keep the appliances unplugged (or lights off in that area) until an electrician has attended.

Toilet Not Filling / Flushing: If you find your toilet cistern is not filling up properly, first ensure the tap at the side of the toilet is switched on. If so, report the issue to your Property Manager and in the meantime, you can use a bucket to fill the cistern so it can be flushed. If the toilet is consistently running, turn the tap at the side of the toilet off while not in use and report the issue to your Property Manager.

Sink/Drain Blockages: If you find any of your sinks are slow to drain, try using a drain clearing product from the supermarket to clear it before contacting your Property Manager. Try to avoid letting hair run down into drains which is a common cause of blockages, and ensure you only flush toilet paper down the toilet (Baby wipes and sanitary products are not to be flushed).

Locked Out: It is your responsibility not to lock yourself out of your apartment. Our office will assist you in gaining entry during office hours, only if spare keys are available. Should you lock yourself out after business hours or a spare key is not available, it will be your expense to arrange locksmiths to gain entry. Please note: Security keys cannot be re-cut by a locksmith & need to be ordered through the relevant body corporate. This may take a number of days.