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“Source:- IBEF”
Syngenta, which is an agricultural company, has set up an innovation and learning centre at Bhimadolu village near Eluru, the district headquarters town of West Godavari, in Andhra Pradesh.

According to Erik Fyrwald, the CEO of the Syngenta, who was on a two-day visit to the country, said,  “Providing food to the rising population of India and the world was a huge challenge and further it should be done in a sustainable manner, without harming the environment”.
The company has succeeded in its attempt to provide solution in reducing the chemical pesticide and fertiliser use without reducing any output. It has provided innovative solutions to the farmers.

The company will set a seed care institute at Bhimadolu. The focus will be to provide customised solutions to the farmers. Dr. K.C Ravi, Chief Officer, Syngenta India, said the company would also focus on women engaged in agricultural activities.

Andhra Pradesh is among the leading agricultural states in India and therefore the company had chosen the location for institute.

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