India Entry Services and Business Facilitation

India Entry Strategy and Business Facilitation

  • Market research: We help you assess if India is the right market for you by talking to real people in the industry
  • Entry strategy: We advise you on the mode of entry, option analysis based on cost-benefit trade off, business roll-out, corporate structure, geographical focus and marketing approach
  • Meeting facilitation and representation: We can pre-arrange meetings in India for a targeted India business trip, represent you on the ground, follow-up your contacts and negotiate with them for a deal closure
  • JV partner, distributor and buyer identification: We introduce you to direct buyers or distributors for export-import or a JV partner who can expand your business with you
  • Due diligence: We do background checks of the Indian party to avoid dealings with any fraudulent or sub-standard business group (litigation, market reputation, capability assessment etc)
  • Other services: Staff recruitment incl. training and supervision, manufacturing set up support - partner, location, SEZ, suppliers, staffing etc., cultural orientation and product or service customisation advice, product sourcing, on-the-ground logistics support - office address, travel buddy, accommodation etc.